Monday, August 19, 2013

BUGS in Japan

So lots of people have requested that I make a video about BUGS here, because they have heard horror stories about Japanese bugs. I can tell you that those stories are all probably true, because the bugs here are insane, nothing like what you would find in Canada. This is all pretty traumatizing for someone with the worst arachnophobia EVER, but I'm trying my best. If I can survive here, I guarantee anyone can.

So first lets start off with the spiders. The spiders are in a whole different class than the ones in Canada. I regularly see spiders bigger than my hand fully stretched out, and they are FAST as hell. Here are some pictures that will scar you forever:

They're not poisonous, but if you're like me you don't really give a shit about that because they're scary as hell regardless whether they are dangerous or not. Good thing is you will only find these in the Summer, I haven't seen them around in the Winter at all. 

The next bug that I am terrified of here are the giant hornets. These are called suzumebachi in Japanese, suzume = sparrow (because they are pretty much as big as a bird) and bachi = bee.

 Apparently you can die if you are stung by one of these. During my first homestay in Japan I got stung by a big bee, but I didn't see closely what it was. My homestay mother started panicking and grabbed my leg and tried to suck the venom out with her mouth. It was an... interesting... experience. Anyways, so these guys are dangerous so try to avoid them at all times. I don't see them around too often, but they seem to hang around in parks. 

The other bugs here don't really bother me. Cockroaches are really common here, I know some people are bothered by those, but I can live with them. The mosquitoes are annoying as hell, I find myself waking up almost every night to kill one. But that's really about it for bugs that suck. 

Now for the cool bugs!! This is a kabuto mushi (rhinoceros beetle):

They are a common pet for children here, and can be found in the forest. If you don't want to go hunting for one, you can also buy them at the pet store :) They don't bite and they eat jello! I used to own a few, but I let them go. 

The butterflies here are gorgeous

These black ones I see around a lot, and also swallowtails. I was a  bit of a butterfly geek growing up so this makes me happy :3 

If you have any other questions about Japanese bugs, let me know! 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

WOO New Blog~ ^^

Hello everyone <3

I've decided to start up a blog because I realized there are so many small things that I don't make videos about but that I'd love to share with you guys. I thought here would be a good place to do that :)

It's been a crazy busy Summer, been working a lot, got in a car accident (yikes!), went to Korea for a few weeks, and now I'm back in Japan and getting ready to move tomorrow.

I sure move a lot. I decided I wanted a cheaper place since the place I'm in now is a little more room than what I really need. I'm not home much anyways, so I figure I might as well save some money with a smaller place!

The new place is only 30,000 yen a month including internet!! That's insaaaane. My old place was 50,000. It is smaller, and the kitchen area is connected with the bedroom which is kind of lame, but on the other hand the bedroom is the only room I keep cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter so it'll be nice to have the kitchen area temperature controlled too now ^^ 

I'll be making a room tour video right away once I get set up, since that will probably be the only time you will ever see my room in a clean enough state! ^^;

Here are a couple random pictures from Korea

           Hangang River! So gorgeous.
 Mmm kimbap.
                     This was at a cozy cafe in Seoul. They are sweet chewy desserts made from rice :)

Anyways, thanks for visiting and check back for more posts soon! <3