Saturday, October 12, 2013

Went Fishing :D

Woke up super early this morning and took a trip to the ocean to go fishing! I used to fish a lot in Canada, but this was my first time in Japan.

There were quite a few people there! Mostly old men...

I bought my bait from a vending machine xD I don't even know what they were... but the guy in the shop recommended them so I gave them a shot. They looked like earthworms with legs o.O

Took a good hour or so to catch anything, but finally! It's a little small, but these are mainly the kind of fish you can catch here.

But THEN! Finally something bigger :D But wait.... is that a fugu (blowfish)?

Yep...definitely a fugu. Well since we would die if we ate that, I let him go. He was cute anyways so I'm glad I got to put him back :3 Bye bye Mr. Fugu~~~~

All in all, caught about 10 tiny little fish and ended up giving them to an old man. He was happy xD Might go again tomorrow morning!