Friday, January 2, 2015

JOYRICH Lucky Bag 2015 | ジョイリッチ 2015年福袋 ネタバレ

I got my JOYRICH lucky bag in the mail today!! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. 

Price: 10, 800 yen

10, 800円でした。けっこういい値段だと思います。
I thought the price was a really great deal considering most JOYRICH pieces cost over 10,000yen each. 

JOYRICH is one of my favourite fashion brands, so as soon as I saw they had a lucky bag for New Year's, I had to get it! 

Let's see what's inside! 


Swinging Stripe Mickey Snapback 
Memorial Garden Floral Mesh Zip Up
Memorial Garden Shoulder Bag

Malcolm Stuart x JOYRICH Stickers
Paris Bikini (Mickey)

好きなものばかりだー!めっちゃ嬉しいです★ さすがジョイリッチ!
Ahh!! I love it all!! I think I got a really great bag this year :) There are usually at least one or two pieces in my lucky bag that I'm not happy with, but this JOYRICH bag is awesome!!

I'm already looking forward to getting next year's lucky bag, haha. 

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