Monday, January 12, 2015

The Best Cat Cafe in Tokyo

Ekoneko Cat Cafe 

Hours: 12 noon ~ 10pm 
Cost: 1100 yen per hour (includes drinks)
*The cafe is sometimes closed on random days, 
but in general they are open all days of the week
Address: 〒176-0012 Tokyo-to,  Nerima-ku, Asahigaoka 1-73-1
Mita Building 2F 
(If you get lost, just ask someone near the station: "neko cafe wa doko desu ka?" and hopefully they can point you in the right direction. 

I first discovered this cat cafe because it was located really close to my old apartment. But after visiting several different cat cafes I’ve realized that I was super lucky to have come across this one, because it is sooo much nicer than any of the others! Even though I live a little further away now, I still go back there quite often. But!!!! They recently opened a new branch in Kouenji called 'Neko no Uchi' so I’ve been going to that one! Because that shop is just starting up they don’t have as many cats as the main branch, but the feel of the shop is very similar so I’m really liking it. (Plus there’s a really delicious doughnut shop on the way to the cafe, so BONUS).

Anyways, back to what’s so awesome about these cat cafes.

   First of all, I just really like the cozy feel. The spaces are a lot smaller than some of the larger cat cafe chains, and it gives them an at-home kinda feel.

   THE CATS. They are all so friendly! Like un-catlike friendly. I’m always surprised at how willing they are to come sit on my lap and cuddle. They also all really get along with each other. It’s so cute seeing them all curled up together in a cat bed grooming each other. My cats can’t even handle being in the same room with each other, haha. The bigger chain cat cafes specialize in pure bred cats, and more often than not they aren’t very sociable, and just seem very unhappy in general :(

   They have vending machines and small fridges filled with different drinks. The vending machines have a little bit of everything from coffee to hot strawberry milk to corn soup! And I love how it’s all you can drink. You don’t need to worry about paying for expensive drinks like some of the other cafes.

   All the cats at these cafes are rescued from the street and nursed back to health if they have any problems. PLUS they’re all available for adoption! (Except for the cats that are chosen as staff for the cafe). I just think that’s so cool how the money that you spend at this cafe goes back into taking care of stray cats and finding them happy homes, so I am happy to spend my money there.

So yeah, that’s why I think these are the two best cat cafes in Tokyo! If you’re in Japan for a short visit and only have time for one, I recommend visiting the main branch near Ekoda station!

Thanks for reading ♥︎


  1. So cute! ♥ I'm going to tokyo this summer and i will definitely wisit this cat cafe! ♥

  2. I love watching your videos, but I also love the personal feel of your blog. Thanks for writing, Sharla.

  3. Sooo cute and so neat. There needs to be cat cafes in the US at every corner.

  4. Hi Sharla!
    Me and my boyfriend are coming from Finland to Tokyo 6.3.-12.3. I really like your vlog and blog and you seem like a cool person, so I tought if you would be interested to meet up? Just taking a picture with you would be so cool, or maybe even hangout if you got time. If this sounds cool idea, add me on facebook: Sonja Vuori (one with gray profile picture and shibuya wallpicture).

  5. I went to a cat cafe in Tokyo with my husband last year and it wasn't that clean and nice, I will have to try this one next time we visit!

  6. I've always wanted to go to a pet cafe but hopefully I'll be able to check this one out in September. Thanks a lot, Sharla ^^

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